Our Values

Pacific Flavours and Ingredients Ltd started from humble beginnings in January 2003 with Bob Spencer working from a small home office. Over the years we have expanded to our own 3000m square metre site with large office spaces, warehousing and production facilities. The original family values and great hardworking employees are still the core of how we operate. Customers are at the heart of our business, they come first. We do our very best to ensure that our customer experience adds value along the chain, from unparalleled service and research & development support, to follow up with the team. Customers tell us we are the go-to place for service and reliability.

100% New Zealand owned


To win in the marketplace today requires consumer insights, innovation expertise, creativity and inspiration. Our supplier agencies and range of products ensure that we have the right raw materials to meet the needs of our customers and that orders are delivered on time by our highly efficient supply chain. Being fully New Zealand owned and operated means people come first and decisions are made quickly. That is what makes Pacific Flavours different from the rest.

Down to earth

When you visit Pacific Flavours we are always welcoming with a tea or coffee on offer, and our resident security guard - a friendly cocker spaniel - will be there with an enthusiastic greeting. Our open working style means there are no separate cubicles or offices in our building. Being practical, trustworthy and taking action is where we are at.

Pacific Flavours has big focus on sustainability, and doing our bit for the wider community is important to us. We have a continuous improvement programme in place to ensure we are always looking for new ways to do our part in recycling, reducing and reusing.


Our ability to stay ahead in an ever-changing market is very important, though achieving this brings many challenges. Pacific Flavours started with one person but now we have a close-knit crew of 15, all highly experienced in their fields. People at Pacific Flavours are thirsty for knowledge, we are active members of many food and beverage associations and are thrilled to have taken out several prominent industry awards.

Keeping in close contact with our many global suppliers, all leaders in their fields, allows us to stay up-to-date with emerging worldwide trends. We enjoy travelling the globe to connect with our suppliers and take advantage of the new and flavourful findings at the many international tradeshows. We never sit still.


Pacific Flavours endeavours to maintain a safe, healthy and functional workplace. In order to do this we have set up sustainable workplace practices to ensure the longevity and well being of our team. These include implementing stress-reducing strategies for the team and examining each employees carbon footprint which minimises the environmental impact of Pacific Flavours as a company. We are committed to the three R’s... Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle, and we continually aim to improve our performance by identifying and addressing environmental risks.


The Pacific Flavours team place great emphasis on delivering on time, every time to our clients. We want all of our valued customers to see us as setting the standards, providing continuous improvement, and embodying friendly, honest service.