Market Leader

Pacific Flavours may come from humble beginnings but we strive to achieve the lofty goal of being market leader, we like to do things differently and shake things up. What really sets us apart is our ability and willingness to tackle new challenges and briefs set by our customers. Our ability to draw from a worldwide network of suppliers and partners provides the Pacific Flavours team with huge amounts of information and expertise, allowing for innovation that we can pass onto our clients.   

To achieve this, a no bullshit attitude is firmly ingrained in Pacific’s culture. If you can’t spell the word, you can’t say it… there are no meetings at Pacific, but discussions, cunning plans are thought up daily, strategies don’t exist. 

In the mix

Our "One World" network of suppliers, manufacturers and marketers gives Pacific Flavours the ability to provide customised, one-solution experiences for our customers. With new information at our finger tips, clients can draw down on the best new products and innovation instantly. This leading edge, coupled with our capability to turn projects around under any time pressure, gives Pacific Flavours our winning offering. We value relationships above all else and will go out of our way to ensure we provide the best service and solutions to you. 

To further enhance our capabilities to our customers, Pacific has teamed up with Dritrik Ingredients which brings the production of flavours, extracts and functional powders in-house. The facilities will be commissioned end of 2017, with full dairy rating and ISO 2200. Once completed, the ability to offer New Zealand made extracts at smaller MOQs and with shorter lead times will benefit our customers immensely. 

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Case Study

An example of Pacific Flavour’s innovative ability to provide the right solution for a client was perfectly shown earlier this year. A client came to us with a sweetening issue; they needed to remove sugar from one of their most popular products due to the current market perception around the ingredient. And the problem with natural sweetener alternatives is that they couldn’t replace the sweetness profile of sugar.

In response to this, Pacific Flavours drew on our own expertise and that of our supply partners worldwide, to develop a proprietary flavour, Synergy. What makes this flavour unique is that it gives the perception of sweetness, without imparting sweetness. It was the perfect solution, our willingness to tackle any problem with progressive thinking created an innovative solution for our client. Synergy not only fixed the clients original problem but afforded them the ability to have a clean label, by adding a natural flavour not a sweetener.