Pacific Flavours & Ingredients Ltd now has invested into products and technical services to support the bakery industry. We now have facilities to manufacture and supply to both small and large bakeries. Led by knowledgeable staff, with over 25 years’ global experience in baking ingredients and process optimisation, ensures that our customers benefit from innovation, ingredients and process support.

Let’s Do, for the baking industry, what’s never been done before.

Our objective is to anticipate the food requirements, wishes and practices of tomorrow, including global cultural variants and demonstrating the inexhaustible benefits of bread as a source of day – to – day health and wellness. We understand your enormous capital investment outlay and this allows us to strike the right balance between innovation with non-traditional ingredients and offering new products with little or no adjustment to your processes.

At Pacific Flavours & Ingredients Ltd our innovation is not limited to baking expertise alone. We work with our inhouse experts : Flavourist, Nutritionist, Meat Scientists and Ready to Drink experts to creating products of tomorrow with a point of difference.

With our significant global supply chain partners, we reinforce our connection to the world and to open ourselves to new ways thinking into both scientific and industrial purposes.  Our global partners, armed with alternative bakery ingredients with uncompromising flavours and health benefits, are a strong asset for developing the healthy baked goods of the future.

Our promise, with our understanding of product health; wellness benefits and baking processing knowledge, is to deliver fresh ideas and speed up financially viable innovative products and solutions on the baking aisles of supermarket shelves.