2017 – 2018 will see a change in how we snack. Traditional meals and meals times are being challenged by our time in the office, the increase of women in the workforce and a higher demand for quality, convenient food.  This has lead to a demand in healthier snacks containing superfoods; such a kale smoothies, chia seed bars packed with nutrients and protein.

Consumers are looks for the portable nutrition. Nutrients and ingredients historically found on the dinner plate now packed into a package that is easy to consume and travel with. This is driven by the fast pace of life these days and nutrition on-the-go has become a needed requirement. 

Let’s not forget the indulgent snacks... sales are still booming, still far outstripping the healthy alternatives. Showing that consumers still want the “naughty" snack, however it is becoming more of a balanced snack industry where the consumer will look for the healthier snacks to fuel them throughout the day, and the indulgent as a treat.

“As consumers seek more nutrient-dense offerings, snacks are an ideal vehicle to deliver superfoods to time-pressed, health-conscious consumers. Aspirations for healthier and “cleaner” lifestyles are motivating consumers to prioritise plant based ingredients". “*Mintel Group

Snack manufacturers looking to added superfoods to improve or add to their indulgent range, should get in touch with Pacific Flavours.  We offer fruit and vegetables powders as well as botanicals extracts to align with the shift towards plant-based diets. Plant-based proteins can provide free-from alternatives to dairy proteins. Despite the demand for healthier snacks, a parallel interest in over-the-top indulgences has also developed which we can help develop with our fantastic flavour and extract range.