Demand for a high protein diet continues to increase as perception changes that protein is not just for building muscle, with more links to satiety protein continues to gain in popularity. We are seeing an increase in demand for more protein to be consumed in everyday diets not only for building muscle but   for weight management solutions as the market is looking for healthier alternatives in food solutions.

Launches and trends

“Power to the Plants”... With the rise of the new diets such as the flexitairan diet, veganism and a push for clean natural products has lead to a rise of more plant based production innovation. The oldies but goodies are still hugely popular like Pea and Rice protein however new exciting proteins are being developed such as Hemp, Sachi Inchi, Algae Protein..Leading to new exciting products on the market creating more demand for alternative sources of protein. Pacific has develop a wide range of proteins on offer. Please get in touch for further information on any protein requirements.

What’s Next

“The high protein trend will continue impacting other markets, especially Europe and China. It has already started changing the way people eat. Consumers in the UK, US and China all say they eat more protein now than a year ago. More diverse sources of protein will be used such as plant-based proteins like pea and marine-based sources such as algae. Experimental protein such as insect and laboratory meat will take longer to gain acceptance. Expect to see insect-based protein first in pet food and animal feed chains. Globally, there will be a rebalancing of protein. Emerging markets will consume more protein-rich food such as dairy and meat as their economies grow, while developed markets will increase plant-based proteins, driven by the rise of flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets” Mintel Group Ltd