We aren’t expecting any changes to the Hot and Spicy trends of the food industry. Kalsec the leaders in Oleoresins and Aquaresins, represented by Pacific Flavours and Ingredients found that 90% of U.S. consumers and 80% of European consumers said they enjoy hot and spicy food.

Pacific expects the trend in spice to continue to rise in NZ and Aus especially with the continued rise of Asian fusion and emerging cuisines becoming popular like east African spices. Our Oleoresin and Aquaresin range from Kaslec give Pacific the ability to offer our customers great Asian fusion options for all applications.  We can offer fantastic capsicum extracts that give pungent heat but without any colour or flavour. Or if it is the flavour and heat you are after a range of peppers are on offer such as jalapeño, Haberano, Capsicum Ghost Pepper the list goes on.  What puts Kalsec ahead of its competitors is the ability of traceability, another growing trend. Having the ability to isolate specific regions that we are sourcing raw materials is becoming increasing popular to the consumer and something Pacific Flavours will be concentrating on in 2017 and 2018.