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Specialty Malt Cirlce

Pacific has historically been very strong in the beverage industry. Supplying high quality malts in the NZ region was a no brainer. We are lucky enough to have BESTMALZ Ltd as our supply Partner. 

At BESTMALZ, all of the malts are made using only the highest quality grain. Fabrication in batch sizes of 100kg, careful moisture control, lengthy germination and gentle roast procedure afford optimal malting conditions, which in turn, provide an exceptional and extremely reliable foundation for high-quality, in which unwanted bitter compounds (pyrazine) are reduced considerably to finally obtain a great-tasting beer.

BESTMALZ offer over 50 different malt varieties to give their customers the best possible choices in flavour and quality for their beloved brewing recipes. 

Their extensive knowledge and expertise is at your fingertips. Get in touch regarding more information and how PACIFIC and BESTMALZ can help your brewery.